Tuesday, July 5, 2011

69 pandangan terhadap orang kita !

assalamualaikum ! 

artikel dibawah  ini aku copy 100% tanpa suntingan daripada nota seseorang di facebook 
renung renungkan & selamat menghayati isi kandungannya :)

01. You MALAY call each other ‘BODOH’ for fun, and too ‘BODOH’ to realize it’s an offensive word.

02. You’re the LAZIEST person on God’s earth.

03. Always update with “lagu-lagu A-minor”, “lagu-lagu rindu” and “wayang hindustani”.

04. Always give a very long honourable speech start from Duli Yang Maha Mulia,Tan Sri, Puan Sri, YB-YB, Yang Berbahagia Datuk, Datuk-Datuk, Datin-Datin, Tuan Haji, Tuan Pengerusi Majlis.. and last sometime least….”rakyat jelata” sekalian…….”terlebih dahulu saya ingin membuka majlis dengan asalamualaikuwaramatulahiwabarakatu……”

05. Many Malay ended at “pusat pemulihan dadah” for common drug abuse.

06. “Air sirap” is the cheapest drink you can afford.

07. You like to tease and act perverted when someone with sexual appeal passing by.

08. You self proclaimed from a superior race (Arabs).

09. You love to eat, especially FREE FOOD.

10. Malay favourite quote = REZEKI JANGAN DI TOLAK.

11. Malay least favourite word = JANJI MELAYU.

12. Your girls got a mouthfull of chicken’s ass (loudmouths).

13. You can’t stand it and always keep on staring at someone who are better dressing / looking rather than your back-dated looks.

14. You wear your shirt more than 4 times before wash it.

15. You feel it’s not right to eat first before everybody gets their meal (while your meal is getting cold).

16. You got that annoying habit of wanting people to acknowledge you.

17. You know for the fact that you are supersticious (bomohs and dukuns).

18. You know for the fact that Malay jokes are decently lame and you always force yourself to laugh when other malay joker telling their lame jokes.

19. You always try to take advantage on other people work.

20. You are trained to be a sweet talker.

21. You love to offer drinks to your boss while polishing his shoe (ampu, kipas) .

22. You always pick on juniors.

23. You don’t care if everyone in your class/office know for the fact that you are lazy.

24. You are very protective on your seniority.

25. You are quite a slow thinker.

26. You prefer to borrow people’s stuff rather than buy it, but hardly return it back.

27. You also always use others property without asking permission.

28. Many of you are not sincere when making friend with non-malays.

29. You always waste your time in the public phone talking about “janji-janji manis”, “omong- omong kosong”, “aku hidup dalam blues”, “Hindi superstar” and “cinta-sayang”. (these are direct quotes…)

30. Malay most popular ambition… * to the public = “ingin menjadi seorang insan yang berguna” * in reality = factory worker

31. Gossip are number 1 favourite past time.

32. Malay favourite magazine are URTV, Mangga, Jelita, Remaja and Variasari.

33. Mark as “bangsa pendengki” by other race in Malaysia.

34. When someone giving a speech, a Malay usually will nod their head (kepala terangguk-angguk) not to show that they understand, but just simply to act that they understand in a serious manner.

35. Deep in the eyes of Malay, the meaning of “TERSIPU-SIPU BAHASA” and “MALU-MALU KUCING” are….. * GREAT APPETITE WITH A VENGEANCE.

36. Malay got less friend from other races because… * Malay are too proud of their own language which makes them stuck-up * Malay also ignore that other etnic groups and foreign people are willing to learn to speak in Malay while got other knowledge in other language. (so now you know why this email is written in ENGLISH)

37. In Malaysia, people said “wear condom and don’t forget to take a bath with Dettol if you make love to a Malay“.

38. An example of a Malay with good grades = STRAIGHT C-MINUS

39. A Malay boss are known as intimidating his staff, Sexual harrasing and Blackmailing, Welcome more family member and friends to
join the company, Corruption * Always bring company’s item home for personel use.

40. Malay, as the biggest population in Malaysia, are always feels threaten with the minority Christian in the country.

41. Malay chicks always dream to have sex with White Man but always ended get fuck by their own species. (Im sorry if this offended you, but it was a promise)

42. Most babies found in the bushes and dustbin are Malay.

43. Most adultery/incest cases are by Malay.

44. Most divorce cases are by Malay couple.

45. Most yuppie wannabes are Malay.

46. Malay man got the habit using sink/wash hand area to rinse and wash their penis mostly in their bathroom, hostel and also in the public toilet.

47. Malay love to make fun at people who use toilet paper to wipe ass because they love to touch their shit with their hand.

48. Malay knows that other races could not dare to eat malay food not because of the spices but because the food was process by their ass-wiping-hand.

49. Malay use toilet paper in Malay restaurant / food court / warung to wipe customer’s mouth and hand.

50. A typical malay Ready-to-wear….. * a long, torn jeans, * a T-shirt * a pair of loafers

51. Malays can’t live without rice and chilli.

52. A malay who check in a foreign hotel will cook their food inside the hotel room with water boiler and a portable mini cooker to save cost.

52. Malay knows their favourite fast food…… KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN hot and spicy.

53. Malay will eat fried chicken and burger just like in the manner of eating rice with hand “one hand lean on the table, slouching head to the plate and other hand with finger close to each other to enter mouth”.

54. Malay toilet always smells like “petai”.

55. Malay love to remind people to have their morning shower but they themself always ended up having a BO in the afternoon. (BO=body-odour)

56. Backstabbing are malay greatest asset.

57. Cheating in examination or test are heredity.

58. Malay favourite brand are G.A Blue Jeans, Lady-like Jeans, a fake Ray-ban.

59. Upper class Malay favourite brand are the cheapest Versace t-shirt, Malboro Classic sometimes fake sometimes not jeans, an old fashion (erik estrada CHIPS) Ray-Ban glasses and a discount sales Mark and Spencer.

60. Weekend are racing paradise for “Mat Motor/Rempit”.

61. Malay never learn to accept people’s opinion as a guide or challenge.

62. You feel that you had to support Moslem terrorist just because their are Islam and not because their are a serial killers.


64. The only musical instrument you can play is a GITAR KAPOK.

65. You Malay will pretend to ignore and deny that you are typical.

66. You MALAYS dreaming to become rich, but not by hard working or studying BUT with ALL KINDS OF SKIM CEPAT KAYA and STUPID MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING BUSINESS.

67. Don’t have money but always want to action – buying cars like Waja, Wira and other expensive cars while you know you can only afford a KAPCAI.

68. Parents very rich but still go overseas using govenment scholarship. Go overseas to enjoy and not to study.

69. You will start to wondering about yourself after reading this.
p/s - agak mencabar dan terbakar juga apabila aku baca baca nota ini . tapi kita kena terima ini dengan hati yang terbuka la :) ada yang betol dan ada yang tidak betol kan kawan ? tapi kebanyakan semua betol beb ! :) kita sebagai orang Melayu jangan tahu nak melenting sahaja ! err kalau tak nak bangsa lain dok hina , pandang rendah dekat kita , gelakkan kita ! apa kata kita sama-sama tingkatkan prestasi kita sebagai anak melayu oke dan kurangkan kontroversi ! 

  asalnya aku post pada 29-06-2010 . untuk pengetahuan semua tuan punya note ni dah delete.nasib baik aku sempat copy and paste buat renungan kita bersama.


misyamissyou said...

uhh..tuan punye note ni ke yg karang??kalau cam tu la pandangan orang cina pd kite..pandangan kite pd non-malay?? :)

hana nabihah said...

ini ak copy dari dy..
haha..sikit bnyk ad gak rasa..
so apa kata readers y laen?

@ku d! sin!e said...

ade yg betol ade ang tak....
mostly tak betol..

hana nabihah said...

betol betol betol !

Mr H said...

Somehow, banyak yang betul dalam list tu.. sangat-sangat betul..

Little_froggy said...

seriously,org yg tulis ni, actually hidop kat zaman2 melayu tipikal dlu2 tu, mmg lah kita pkai air, sbb lg bersih dari pkai toiler paper tuh, kire ok lah malay mandi pagi, and petang berbau, dari yg lain, x mandi pagi sbb takod sejuk? :)
btw, konteks malay yg die guna kan tu terlalu besa kod, some malay tu, baru lah aku bole terima,, x sume malay kaki ampu dan low idealogi wei, haih.. -.-

misyamissyou said...

aku xpasti la no 14 tu betul ke x..huh! rse angin je bace ni wlaupun dah 3 kali kot aku bace ni...hmm..pe2 kite kne ingt la..jge sikit maruah bangse..

Syafiq Rosli said...

aish..mcm2 lah kan

UYC said...

bngsa lain xkn tlg bngsa lain kalau x de sb :3 'xde timbul isu perkauman tp itulh realitynye.

Anonymous said...

Really good post!

||aLeaSaRa|| said...

ye melayu mudah terasa dan mudah terlupa.asyik leka melakukan kesilapan hingga tak sedar kaum lain bertepuk tangan bila sesama islam bergaduh.mmg banyak yg betul.pahit tapi itulah realiti.mmg tak semua di atas kita setuju tapi bila baca dan baca ya....itulah antara sikap dan peel melayu

epics said...

#69 - Is this note written by malay? or non-malay?

p/s: erk. 05:29? tak tido lagi ker semalam... zzzz -_-"

Nurfarahana Abdul Aziz said...

hmmm...ada yg betul dan ada yang tak..tapi kita mmg tak leh lari dah drpd beberapa sikap tipikal Melayu..tapi blh kot kalau kita usaha nak perbaiki...dari asik state kelemahan Melayu je...mcm kaum lain tade kelemahan..zzzz

Abang Stalker said...

bangsa pendatang ni mmg baruah.x sedar dri.tp kita melayu pun x sdr dri jgk.

Miz Novexx said...

pergh!!! bapak panjang list ni, semput den baco... (^_^)V

Thalut said...

lupa nk tmbah, anak2 melayu tak suka membaca...ini benar, kena terima hakikat. Marilah kita kembali pada al quran dan sunnah rasulnya

anak abah said...

fuh. panas! haha. but mostly pe yg die katekan tuh, betol la jugak kan. so, jadikan ianya sebagai 1 pengajaran untuk kite memperbaiki sikap typical malay nih. think positive!


Anonymous said...

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