Friday, May 6, 2011

day two : 10 ways to win your heart

assalamualaikum readers ! 

omaigod ! 10 ways to win my heart ? this may get awkward and here goes nothing . heheh ^^

first , make the first move .

second , be completely inappropriate at random times .

then , say something funny that i’m still thinking about a weeks later .

after that , stalk my blog HAHA !

er , please know who Elvis Presley is, and love his music .

hiks >.<  invite me on a car ride to nowhere in particular der.

fuh ! smile when i talk and laugh when i make the stupidest joke in the history of the world ok ?



finally , let me win yours .

*where's another two huh ??? haha i don't know what to write about lol :p thanks for reading :')


Abang Stalker said...

:) 2 lg abg thu kot..

hana nabihah said...

@abang stalker

huh ? apa yang abang tahu..habaq mai cikitttt :P

Abang Stalker said...

1. tahu sumbat
2. tahu goreng

hahaha :p

hana nabihah said...

@abang stalker

hahaha lawaknye la kan abang stalker..banyak makan tahu..tempe takder ?

misyamissyou said...

err..he is defintely staking your blog what? tp macam dah xjd stalker je..slalu je komen..hihihii

hana nabihah said...


hihi no comment babe ! ^^