Saturday, May 14, 2011

day six : 10 wishes

assalamualaikum ! i'm not supposed to say these out loud but i guess by typing them , it was ok !

  • i wish life was simpler.
  • i wish you didn’t ''move''.
  • i wish you were mine and you wanted me.
  • i wish i had you by my side.
  • i wish i managed my time better.
  • i wish to have longer hair.
  • i wish i had a steady job right now.
  • i wish i wasn’t tired all the time.
  • i wish i neva eva cha walk alone.
  • i wish that people loved me as much as i love them bebeh . HAHA ~
thats all ! thanks for reading :)


Abang Stalker said...


misyamissyou said...

life will never be is hard babe!

hana nabihah said...

@abang stalker



yeah we all know that babe ! :)