Thursday, July 1, 2010


hey readers :) i really do not like anonymous “drive-by” comments on dad always taught me to never say anything behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to there face and also to stand up for your convictions.ouh,i have a thick skin and am not shaken by a dissenting view no matter how vile or illogical but disgusting unrelated crap is a different story all together.huh ! at least have the cojones to comment using a facsimile of your real identity.the blogoshere is full of nonconforming viewpoints and contradictory outlooks & all are valid to the person airing them even if they are misguided, but the anonymous poster is a weak persona to air your disagreements & opinions.did you get what i want to tell you anonymous ?

if anyone we're offended by my words, a thousand apologize.
peace no war.salam bebeh :) 

sorry for my bad english ya..


Rowena Chasez said...

saya bukan anonymous...

hana nabihah said...

saya tau kamu wena ^^